☸️ Open Source Dharma

Heart of Insight participates in the Open Source Dharma protocol

We take part in the Open Source Dharma protocol, an open set of standards which define different levels of openness in dharma organizations. We participate in Open Source Dharma protocol by:

  1. Releasing Open Content : We release all of our teaching content under a creative commons open license. You can do anything you want with it, so long as you attribute the source.

  2. Following a Teacher's Code of Ethics : We formulated our own code of training in ethics. Here we also define the teacher-student relationship, while clarifying our ethical standards and ethical principles. We have a formal reconciliation process for when ethical breakdowns aren't able to be handled informally.

  3. Practicing Generosity : We offer everything we do freely, and ask people who want to continuing making this project possible, to support the project with donations. We use a Transparent Generosity model.

  4. Practicing Open Governance : Heart of Insight exists within the larger Buddhist Geeks ecosystem, and as such we participate in Holacracy as our shared governance practice.