Introducing Pith Phrases

In this social metta practice, we focus on introducing the "pith" version of the lovingkindness phrases into the practice.
2-4 Player Mode
Round Robin

For these instructions we suggest workings in groups of 2-4 people.

This practice can also be done taking turns in a larger group, if you're in person. For this format we suggest a circular layout, with each participant taking turns as you go around the circle.

By Vince Horn​

In this practice you can work with any lovingkindness phrases that you like, taking turns offering & receiving the phrases out-loud with others. The difference, is that you can also, at any time, drop the extended phrases, and work instead with the pith phrases.

Extended Phrases:

  • May you/I/we be happy

  • May you/I/we be healthy

  • May you/I/we be safe & protected

  • May you/I/we live with an open heart

Pith Phrases:

  • Happy

  • Healthy

  • Safe & Protected

  • Open Heart